5m Multilevel List Legend

Want the ultimate time saver? I have 17 pre-made Multilevel List Word Templates that you can copy and use straight away, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes access to breakdown videos (with accompanying easy-to-follow written guides) that show you exactly how each numbering definition was set up.

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5 Minute Multilevel List Legend

17 multilevel templates

Step by Step guides

breakdown videos

Covering stepped (indented) numbering as well as numbering that remains flush to the margin

MLN 02 - Heading and Paragraph numbering
MLN 05 - Mixing numbers and bullets on different levels
MLN 03 - start level 2 numbering at zero
MLN 06 - 1 a) b) c), 2 a) b) c)
MLN 04 - Chapter One in words
MLN 07 - ARTICLE I for level 1 then legal numbering for lower levels
MLN 08 - 4 levels of standard numbering with a) b) c) for each level
MLN 10 - I 1A) B) C) i
MLN 12 - Dual synchronised multilevel numbering
MLN 11 - 1 a) b) c), 2 a) b) c) etc
MLN 13 - I, II, III numbering

Grab all these templates. Swipe them. Clone them. And adapt them for your own use.

I guarantee that once you have watched or read the breakdown training and created 3 number definitions from scratch, you will then be able to take one of my templates and adopt it to your exact needs within 5 minutes any time you want. 

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