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Become so good with Microsoft Office that
YOU gain the status of OFFICE LEGEND

You may think that your computer skills are lacking, but let me share a little secret with you. Listen closely. 

It might surprise you to hear that you don't need to know everything. If fact, if you focus on mastering a subset of the RIGHT skills you'll be way more effective that the next guy. 

You'll find people start to gravitate towards you, your co-workers respect your input and new opportunities present themselves. Your self-esteem and confidence will go through the roof. 

I'm here to help you along that journey. This site is all about answering your questions around Windows, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher and raising your knowledge to the level it needs to be. 

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Testimonial (John Boyd)

John Boyd

I really appreciated the time and tolerance taken for a beginner like myself. The course was easy to understand and digest. The instructor had a wide knowledge of his subject area and is professional, friendly and easy-going.

Testimonial (Darren Springer)

Darren Springer

I spent a whole day searching Google for a solution to an Excel problem. I contacted Jason and my problem was sorted within 5 minutes. It's outstanding service, to have someone so knowledgeable when all else has failed.

Testimonial (Julie O'Farrell)

Julie O'Farrell

It's like I've been in a dark room for years and somebody just switched the light on. I learnt more in a few hours than I did in 6 months at college.

Testimonial (Nadine Gasnier)

Robyn Atkinson

A clear cut above previous training I've attended. Heaps of great tips & learnt more than expected! Fantastic trainer. Thanks.

Jason Morrell @ The Broadwater, Gold Coast, Australia

If we haven't YET met, my name is Jason.

For two decades I have helped thousands of individuals leverage the power of Microsoft Office, slash hours from their daily tasks and streamline their workflows.

I've helped people get started from the ground up, shown old-hands better approaches and plugged the gaps of the self-taught.

This blog is a melting pot of free expert advice, pro tips and ideas to get you thinking.

But my Office Legends Academy members get my best stuff like courses, feature breakdowns, master classes and Q&A.

I offer private 1-on-1 coaching too. I'll get you there quicker than you can figure it out yourself, and give you a confidence boost.  

Maybe YOU could be the next Office Legend, someone who gets things done faster, kicks butt and does things differently.
Read our creed to get inspired. Then join the party!


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