Office Legend

Official definition:
An individual who has developed a bit of reputation in their workplace,
the Go-To person, the Wiz, the one whose input can be relied upon,
respected not only for their kick-butt abilities with Microsoft Office,
but their unassuming confidence and their willingness to help others.

I am an Office Legend



I strive to improve the system
I always look for better, faster and smarter approaches.
Wherever possible, I simplify, streamline, optimise & automate.


I strive to improve myself
I strive to improve 1% every single day because like compound interest, continual improvements grow exponentially.


I strive to find the best solution
I work fast and back myself. I trust my intuition, own it and take the initiative. I innovate, push boundaries and redefine limits.


I will boldly challenge the status quo when necessary
I always ask: Just because it's always been done this way, is this the best way? I respectfully call out dud advice and bad habits.


I strive to transform my workplace culture
I give generously and receive graciously. I share my expertise willingly and lead by example. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Office Mastery