Automatic vs Manual calculations in Excel

Automatic vs Manual Calculations In Excel

Advanced users of large Excel spreadsheets can benefit from switching the default automatic calculations to manual calculations.

Useful ALT codes you can use in Excel to get special characters and symbols, such as the degree symbol, copyright, fractions and the diacritical letters (non-english letters)

Useful Alt codes to insert special characters

Alt codes allow special characters like the pound sign, copyright symbol, fractions and diacritical (non-English) characters to be added.

Sorting - Everything you need to know

Sorting in Excel: The Ultimate Guide

What is the secret to sorting data in Excel effectively? Discover how to sort rows using value, colour, icon or custom sequence or rearrange columns

How To Highlight Particular Excel Rows (Automatically) Using Conditional Formatting Formulas

Conditional Formatting Formulas That Highlight Entire Data Rows Automatically

Conditional Formatting is versatile. When a condition is true, a format is applied. Using conditional formatting formulas hands you complete control.

How to create a custom date format

How To Create Your Own Custom Date Format In Excel

Creating a custom date format in Excel is easy and lets you get away from bog-standard date formats like dd/mm/yyyy. Find out how.

Goal Seek: Reverse Engineering For Excel

Goal Seek: Reverse Engineer An Answer

Goal Seek is a simple tool that finds the exact input value required to generate the answer you have specified.

VLOOKUP is used to find a match in a database and return a selected detail

VLOOKUP: The Ultimate Guide

Having problems with VLOOKUP formulas? Discover how to create them from scratch the right way, every time.

3D Formulas: The Smart Way To Do Cross-Sheet Formulas

3D Formulas: The Smart Way To Do Cross-Sheet Formulas

3D formulas are simpler, take less time to create than regular formulas and are less prone to errors. What's not to like?

Degree Symbol: 3 Ways To Insert Degrees Into Excel Spreadsheets

Degree Symbol: 3 Ways To Insert Degrees Into Excel Spreadsheets

Discover 3 ways to insert a degree symbol into an Excel spreadsheet - using the built-in character sets and using superscript.

21 major formula fails and how to fix them

21 Major Formula Fails & How To Fix Them

Identify, fix and avoid the most common formula errors on an Excel spreadsheet. Finally, put your formula headaches to bed.

How to identify then remove duplicates in Excel

Managing Duplicates in Excel

Duplicates creep into any large Excel list. Here we explain how to (a) highlight duplicates, then (b) remove duplicates leaving just the unique items.

3 ways to calculate averages in Excel

3 Easy Ways To Calculate Averages In Excel

Average values are easy to work out in Excel. The Average, Mode and Median functions provide 3 ways. The AVERAGE function is the simplest and most common

How to remove the gridlines on a spreadsheet so you get a nice clean, professional finish

Hide Gridlines (On Spreadsheets) For a Clean Finish

Hide Gridlines to apply a clean, crisp finishing touch to your spreadsheet. Gridlines are great while designing, but hide them when done to remove clutter.

Worksheet Tab Navigation – A Rare Expert Tip

Worksheet Tab Navigation – A Rare Expert Tip

Worksheet tabs can be renamed, reordered and navigated, but it's painful to scroll through lots of tabs. If that's you, you'll love this quick tip.

How Many Rows & Columns Does Excel Have?

How Many Rows & Columns Does Excel Have?

To discover how many rows and columns are available, there is a quick shortcut. Advanced users may also want to switch calculations from auto to manual.



COUNT is different to SUM. This post explains why then goes beyond the basics revealing the different types of data that can be counted.

Merge and Centre: A Better Alternative

Merge and Centre: A Better Alternative

Using Merge and Centre in Excel can cause many problems. This little gem is a fantastic alternative with no known side effects!

How to calculate percentages in Excel

How to Calculate a Percentage in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide

Percentages in Excel are easy once you understand the simple maths behind them. Discover for yourself how to calculate percentage in Excel.

How to add a leading zero to a number

How to keep leading zeroes in Excel

When you type a number with leading zeros, e.g. 00123, Excel drops the leading zeros as soon as you press Enter ... unless you do this ...

How to manipulate text and clean up your data like a pro

How to Manipulate Text and Clean Up Your Data Like a Pro

With text functions you can manipulate text in Excel however you want. Trimming, searching, concatenating, extracting certain parts - Excel has it all

Drop down lists: Functional and Awesome

DropDown Lists: Functional & Awesome

Drop down lists in Excel are functional and useful, But best of all it makes you look good! It also improves the accuracy of data and is easy to set up.

How to find the biggest or smallest number in a range

Finding the biggest number or smallest number

Picking out the biggest number or the smallest number from a range of cells in Excel is super easy. Here's how.

Excel formulas quick start guide for beginners

Formulas Quick Start Part 1 of 4: How To Get Started

Formulas Quick Start Part 2 of 4: SUM & AUTOSUM

Formulas Quick Start Part 3 of 4: AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and COUNT

Formulas Quick Start Part 4 of 4: Order Of Operations

Excel formulas are easy with a little bit of guidance. In this free 4 part blog guide, discover how to build Excel formulas the right way, step-by-step and without errors.

3 Simple Productivity Tips For Getting Your Butt In Gear

#001 | 3 Simple Productivity Tips For Getting Your Butt In Gear

Are you a perfectionist? Do you too suffer from paralysis by analysis? Stop overthinking and get your butt in gear with these productivity tips.

30 Excel Power Tips


Revealed: The shortcuts, tools and techniques the experts didn't want you to know

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