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Beginner Level

Excel Fundamentals

Working with rows & columns

The rules for simple formulas

5 basic functions – SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT

Essential formatting

Copying & moving data – techniques, format painter, office clipboard

Basic auditing – spell check, find & replace, autocorrect

Column charts, line charts and pie charts

Formatting a page so it’s ready for printing


Customising the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Intermediate Level

Excel databases (formatted tables & all the features that come with them)

Functions – COUNT, combo, logic, rounding, date

Standard Conditional Formatting

Custom cell styles

Absolute cell referencing

Naming cells and cell ranges

Standard data validation

The other 14 chart types nobody is talking about


Custom views

Links (formerly hyperlinks)

Importing data into Excel

Linking to other worksheets & workbooks

Paste Special

Protecting cells, worksheets and workbooks

Co-authoring and sharing workbooks

Creating templates

Advanced Level

Custom content formatting

Lookup functions

Text functions

Financial functions

Time functions

Database functions

Pivot tables and pivot charts

Macros and simple VBA

Goal seek and Solver


Variable data tables

Fixing formula errors

Custom data validation

Conditional formatting using custom formulas

Array formulas

Consolidating data


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