Become Legendary in Microsoft office 

Jason Morrell @ The Broadwater, Gold Coast, Australia

If we haven't YET met, my name is Jason MORRELL.

For two decades I have helped thousands of individuals leverage the power of Microsoft Office, slash hours from their daily tasks and streamline their workflows.

I've helped people get started from the ground up, shown old-hands better tools for faster results and plugged the gaps of the self-taught.

This blog is a melting pot of free expert advice, pro tips and ideas to get you thinking. Likewise for my Youtube channel.

But I save my best stuff for the members of my Office Legends Academy.

I offer private 1-on-1 troubleshooting and take on client projects too. I'll help you figure things out quicker than you can. 

Office Legends possess these traits. They gets things done faster and kick butt. Are you up for the challenge?

There are 4 ways I can help you.
Which would you most like help with?


~ All my best stuff for a very modest price ~

In-depth courses & training

Instant access to an extensive 24x7x365 video course library for Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook & Publisher. Plus complementary training notes, practice exercises, checklists, cheat sheets and a certificate of completion..

Active, ONGOING Support

Ask any question, any time. Expert support is just a step away. Get answers, feedback and ideas.

Succeed & Get Ahead Fast

Eliminate the guesswork and frustration. Shave years from your learning curve. Earn respect from your peers. Become indispensable. Put yourself in the best position to nail that new job, promotion or opportunity.