Do you desperately need to put together a basic letter or document in Microsoft Word but have no idea where to start?

Discover how to create simple, yet well-designed documents BY THIS TIME TOMORROW, even if you're starting at zero.

Gain an unfair advantage

Is Microsoft Word Your Kryptonite?

You know how it goes.

You just want to write a simple letter, create a resume or make a flyer but you find it hard and it looks terrible.

Perhaps you're new to computers.

Maybe you've just been out of the game for a while. Your confidence is rock-bottom and you need a refresher on how things are done NOW.

You are tired of wasting precious time and energy trying to work this out for yourself.

You want to get up-to-speed but nobody will help. 

And the Word for Dummies book ... yeah we get it - it's not easy!

Question: Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been dancing around Microsoft Word for months (or years) but still haven’t gained any traction.
  • You want to tidy up your page design and spice it up with some graphics, but it's overwhelming. You're scared to touch anything in case it breaks!
  • You’re feeling STUCK. You're certainly not dumb but the vast array of buttons and options completely overwhelm you. You know that with the right guidance you can nail this Word thing once and for all.

I’ve developed a streamlined proven process to transform novice Word users
into competent document designers and creators


Beginners Word Bootcamp

Word Made Easy!

This online Word course is your one-stop-shop for learning all the basic and essential skills you need to thrive with Microsoft Word. With useful training videos (available 24x7x365), written training guides (with clear steps laid out for you to follow) and plenty of resources like cheat sheets and practice exercises, this course makes learning Word dead-easy. And best of all, friendly support is just a step away.

Turn your fear and trepidation into confidence and competence.
Eliminate the guesswork and finally put your frustrations to bed for good.

Course Modules




  • A birds eye view and a tour of the Word screen to point out key components
  • How all the parts work together and learning the 'lingo'
  • What the heck is Backstage?
  • How to create, open, save, update, close, find or print your files
  • Simple tricks with Undo and Redo
  • How to use different views and multiple windows to manage your workflow
  • What you need right now as a beginner (and what advanced tools can be left until later)


  • Selecting, navigating and editing text (using the keyboard and mouse)
  • Visual separators
  • Making your text look professional
  • Where to use superscript and subscript
  • Hitting the reset button. What to do when things go wrong
  • Using the paragraph tools to add space around and within your text
  • Changing the page size, page orientation and margin sizes
  • Bullet lists & number lists and how to customise them
  • Adding images to your document and making sure they behave
  • Adding tables to your document and 2 clicks to make them look great


  • Schpel Chek (Running a Spell Check and/or Grammar Check)
  • 4 ways to move or copy content
  • Using Find & Replace to make bulk changes

What are people saying about this course?



Awesome. Thanks for some great training. The content was explained simply and effectively. Great visual and hands-on approach really helped me to remember everything



Brilliant! I have spent weeks trying to work this out. Other videos I've watched were not very helpful at all. After watching your videos it all makes sense!. You have made my day. Thank you!



Excellent, really clear and well explained. Very well put together, informative and easy to follow. It answered all my questions. Thanks so much!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

What Beginners Word Bootcamp looks like

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Once your account is ready, you'll receive an email with a link to the membership log-in page, together with your username and a randomly-generated password (which you can change).

Once logged in, your member dashboard lists all your courses. Inside each course is a welcome section and the modules, topics and lessons neatly organised neatly. View at will.

It is possible to complete this course within a day, but a slower drip-feed approach is better. Take your time and practice as you go - that's the best way to retain the information.

By the end of the course you'll able to produce a document quickly and it will look fantastic. You won't have to second-guess yourself any more and you may even draw some sweet compliments from family and colleagues!.


Available 24 x 7 x 365.
Watch & Learn.


Lovingly crafted with clear steps that are easy to follow.


Practice & repetition. It's the best way to master anything


All the references 
you'll ever need


You will always have access to
the latest information


Support whenever 
you need it


Download or print your personal certificate of completion


Write your own notes against each lesson & print them all together


Goals achieved. Fears conquered. Confidence boosted!

About Your Instructor: Jason Morrell

Ever since a chance meeting with a guy in the late 90's, who in less than 30 minutes was able to join all the dots and provide all the missing links to solve Jason's 'unsolveable' problem (that had plagued him for 2 months), Jason has made it his mission to be 'that guy' to others.

In 2005 Jason started Two Rivers Software Training which operates in Queensland, Australia. Then in 2012 he added online video courses into the mix, which help people across the globe.

 After training thousands of individuals and groups of all levels, he has developed an intuition for the problems that hold people back and tackles them head-on with his unique style of training.

Jason loves to simplify the hard stuff, cut out the unimportant stuff and share what actually works. Oh, and have some fun along the way! 

He loves coffee, ocean walks, motorsport and footy.

He calls the Gold Coast his home with his wife and 4 kids.

Jason Morrell blog signature

What makes this course different?

Many course creators think they need to include every nitty gritty detail of every little thing, but that creates confusion and overwhelm. It dilutes your attention, your initial enthusiasm starts to wane and you don't finish.

In contrast, everything in this course has earned its place to help you succeed.

At the end of the day, if there is something you can't find or figure out,
just ask and we'll fill in the gaps.

Remove the Bottleneck, Slash Hours of Wasted Time and Save Yourself Thousands

You're at a fork in the road and you have a choice to make.

You could continue down the path you're on and waste days, weeks or months trying to make headway on your own (but you've already tried that).

You could spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on courses and books that just don't get the results you want. Or pay triple-digit hourly rates for private tutoring.

Or you could put an end to all that frustration today by investing in one course.

A course that answers all your questions.

A course that has worked for so many students before you.

A Word course properly designed for beginners.

Beginners Word Bootcamp 


one-time payment




REG PRICE        


  • Immediate, lifetime access. No more to pay.
  • Videos available 24x7x365.
  • Clear, step-by-step written guides.
  • Practise exercises.
  • Shortcuts, cheat sheets and resources.
  • Progress tracker.
  • Record & store your own course notes.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Free updates.
  •  30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Download videos (after the first 30 days).
  • Ask anything, anytime, free for all members.
  • Interactive member forums.
  • Member discounts on private coaching.

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Regular price $99/mo

  • Add a free course every month (value $199-399).
  • Videos available 24x7x365.
  • Clear, step-by-step written guides.
  • Practise exercises.
  • Shortcuts, cheat sheets and resources.
  • Progress tracker.
  • Record & store your own course notes.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Free updates.
  • Price is grandfathered in (won't increase for you).
  • Ask anything anytime, free for all members.
  • Interactive member forums.
  • Member discounts on private coaching.
  • All benefits available to active members.

MOST Popular

30 day money back guarantee



Take 30 days to work through the modules, try the exercises and apply what you learn. If the needle does not move for you, I insist that you ask for a full refund. What's more, you can keep any resources you have already downloaded. Try it. You have everything to gain and NOTHING to lose.

Andrea Dunn


I have seen many tutorials on different topics. This is an EXCELLENT course run by a highly knowledgeable, easy going teacher!! Thank you for the hard work you put into creating the course!

Happy face


It was really user friendly. I’m a visual learner and I love that I can do this in the comfort of my own home. Doing the courses exercises as I go and having work things out has really helped.

Nicole Golding


You made it so simple. Thanks a lot. After wasting a whole day watching YouTube videos and getting more confused it’s such a relief to finally get the answers I needed.


What will happen when I click 'BUY NOW'?

When you click the BUY NOW button you will be taken to a payment page and prompted to enter your credit card details.

Our software will set up your account (takes 5-10 minutes).

Once your account is ready, you'll receive an email with a link to the membership log-in page, together with your username and a randomly-generated password (which you can change).

Once logged in, your member dashboard lists all your courses. Inside each course is a welcome section and the modules, topics and lessons neatly organised neatly. View at will. 

I'm nervous about paying on the internet. How do I know it's safe?

The payment page is 100% safe. If you look in the address bar at the top of the screen, you will see https (and some browsers show a padlock symbol too). The 's' in 'https' stands for secure. Extreme measures are taken to encrypt (scramble) your details to ensure they remain secure.

When will I receive access to the training and other resources?

After your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to the login page together with  your username and a randomly generated password (which you can change). If you don't have an email address, ask a family member or friend to set you up with one.

All instructions about how to access your training and what to do if you get stuck will be provided in the email.

I'm completely new to WORD. Is this course right for me?

Yes, the Beginners Word Bootcamp is designed for people who have zero experience, some experience and those who have dabbled and failed. You'll discover the right things to do from the beginning in a structured sequence. If you follow the steps and practice, you will succeed.

I'm self taught and I can do some things in Word already. Is this course right for me?

If you have some experience in Word already, this course fills in the gaps and provides a solid foundation for you to build on. It also takes you onwards from there. It demonstrates how to get stuff done quickly, yet end up with documents that look great and are super-easy to maintain.

I'm the slowest, dumbest student ever? Is this course right for me?

You would be surprised how often I hear this. If your confidence is low but you have determination, stick with the course. It goes at a pace that allows you to take in the information and keep up.

Video allows you to go back and watch or listen to parts again.

The written materials could be used by themselves (they are that thorough) but are the perfect accompaniment to the videos.

I use Word 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019. Is this course relevant for me?

Yes. The videos have been recorded on the latest version of Word. That's Word 2019/365 (desktop). Most of what is covered will also work on older versions of Word, although there may be cosmetic differences with some features. Where a feature didn't exist or is significantly different, I mention it in the video and explain where you can find it in the older version.

As changes come in, videos will be added or updated to keep it current.

I use Word 365. Is this course relevant for me?

There are two variations of Word 365.

If you have installed Word 365 onto your computer, then this course is 100% relevant.

However, if you are logging into your Microsoft account and using Word 365 through your internet browser, then the screen may look a little bit different, but all the core functionality is still there.

A Microsoft Office subscription is very affordable (10-12 bucks a month). You will be able to download the desktop version and access all the features, and Microsoft will keep you constantly updated with the latest version.

How long will the training take?

That depends on you. How much do you already know? How busy is your schedule? How quickly do you pick things up?

What's for sure is that the training will fill in all the gaps and move you forward significantly.

Chances are, you’ll want to watch certain sections more than once. You may or may not want to practice the exercises or read the notes. You may go all out and do an intense session or you might watch a couple of videos at a time for as long as it takes.

You never really stop learning, and that’s why the lifetime access is so useful because you can learn, practice, implement, rinse and repeat.

What can I do to improve my chances of success?

To be successful you have to get your hands dirty. There are no free lunches.

Watching without Doing will not get you there.

Reading without Doing will not get you there either.

The key to succeeding is practicing what you learn. The first time you do, you'll probably find you forget the first step and have to refer back to your notes or the video. But then the second, third and fourth times you get better each time until eventually you no longer have to check your notes. Repetition is the key.

Is there a payment plan?

The payment options are displayed in the pricing section above.

Can I log in on more than one device?

After some issues with corporate clients who took liberties and shared one login amongst many employees, there are now measures in place to prevent simultaneous logins on more than one device. If you log in on a second device you will be automatically logged out of the first device.

Can I view the videos on my mobile phone?

You can but it is not recommended, as you will not be able to see the details and the processes clearly.

The videos are best viewed on a laptop, tablet or large computer screen.

Coffee rocks! Jason Morrell, Office Mastery Digital Academy

Coffee rocks! Especially in a big red mug!

A Personal Note

I can now predict the questions that most students are going to ask. I know where the sticking points are (even before they do!)

But it wasn't always like that. In the early days of teaching Word, the questions my students asked made me realise that 'easy things' were actually major stumbling blocks.

I learnt to never make assumptions. To take the time to provide some context and explain the 'why' as well as the 'how'.

I really hope you'll jump on board today. Don't this opportunity pass you by. It would be a terrible feeling if in 12 months time you look back and realise you haven't made any progress. Still stuck and still scared..

I'll leave you with 2 quick thoughts.

     1. If not now, when?

     2. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Next best is today.

Even if everything you've tried before has failed, the rest is still unwritten. I will be there at every step to help you succeed.

See you on the inside,

Jason Morrell blog signature

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