Attention: Active Job Seekers

(and Promotion Hopefuls
 and parents returning to work)

Would you like to know the EXACT computer skills you need to improve to qualify for more of the jobs you want?

Raise your hand, nod your head or rub your left earlobe

... if you're desperately searching for a job
 but you keep seeing this ...

Job Ads asking for Microsoft Office
Job ad 1 asking for Microsoft Office skills
Job ad 2 asking for Microsoft Office skills

Your old nemesis, Microsoft Office!
It stops you dead in your tracks,
every time, right?

People talk a lot about SOFT skills and HARD skills but here is the tough truth:

  • Most hard skills involve computers..
  • The most sought-after hard skill is Computer Technology.
  • The most sought-after computer technology skill is Microsoft Office

You may have every other attribute on the employer's wish list but you can't escape the fact that - 

You need a certain level of Microsoft Office Skills to even be considered. And at the moment you fall well short of the mark!

Having strong Microsoft Office skills could determine whether or not you ...

  • ... get shortlisted for interview
  • ... get a job offer
  • ... can apply for a promotion that may net you a significant pay increase
  • ... are able to pay the next month's bills and put food on the table.

Covid has turned the job market upside-down and given it a good shake. 

Perhaps you were one of the unlucky ones who got laid off, or maybe you're a parent who took time out to raise kids and now you're looking to reenter the job market.

Or perhaps you're job is secure and you simply want to climb the corporate ladder.

The reason doesn't matter.

What DOES matter is that there are more people than decent jobs.

The competition is fierce, and if you're not prepared it will chew you up and spit you out.

Job Seeker Espresso Package

FACT: Including Microsoft Office on your resume will open up many more opportunities for you.

Would you like to know the exact computer skills YOU need so you can pinpoint your weaknesses and gaps and then focus your efforts on getting stronger in those areas??

It's not about learning more

It's not about learning everything.


Multiplication by subtraction.

Removing all the things that you COULD learn but DON'T NEED TO.

Which frees up lots of extra time to spend on the things you MUST learn.

Which in turn multiplies the effectiveness of your time.

Let me give you a heads up on what you definitely need.

Word, Outlook and Excel are the 800 pound gorillas

Outlook and Word are essential for most office roles. 

Good Excel skills will open more doors.

Prioritise these three.

What can you definitely eliminate?

Unless you are going for a role that involves delivering live presentations or preparing slide decks for somebody who does, PowerPoint is just a nice-to-have.


Similarly, unless you have a need to design brochures, you won’t need Publisher.

And unless you are a project manager you won’t need Project.


And poor old Access became outdated a decade ago. Power Bi took its place.

Database Administration is a specialist skill and unless you are already in that arena, you can strike this from your list too.


So, returning your focus to Word, Outlook and Excel ...

What specific skills do you need? 

And to what level?

Well, to give you a huge head start,

I've created a free checklist that spells it all out for you.

The skills required for different jobs.

Essential skills vs nice-to-have-skills.

Identify the missing or weak areas in your skillset. 

Focus on getting strong in the RIGHT AREAS.

Claim your free copy below.

Microsoft Office Skills Checklist

Pinpoint the exact Microsoft Office skills you must possess to confidently apply for the jobs on your wishlist

Computer Skills Checklist The specific computer and Microsoft Office skills you need to qualify for more of the jobs you want

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I've been looking everywhere for a list like this! Super helpful!

Vanessa Rae