Hide Gridlines For Professional Finish On Excel Spreadsheets
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Hide Gridlines On Excel Spreadsheets For a Clean, Professional Finish

How to remove the gridlines on a spreadsheet so you get a nice clean, professional finish

A very quick tip for you today. I want to show you how to hide gridlines in Excel.

Let's say your spreadsheet looks like this ...​

A spreadsheet WITH gridlines

Figure 01: A spreadsheet WITH gridlines

Once you have completed your spreadsheet - you’ve entered your data, written your formulas and formatted everything nicely, one final touch that makes all the difference is to switch off the gridlines.

So the same spreadsheet now looks like this ...​

A spreadsheet WITHOUT gridlines

Figure 02: A spreadsheet WITHOUT gridlines

In Excel, the gridlines are only displayed on the screen as a guide. They WILL NOT be printed.

However, any borders you add manually WILL be printed.

So if you had the following spreadsheet …

Gridlines vs Borders

Figure 03: Gridlines vs Borders

… and you go to the Print Preview, you would see that the BORDERS will be printed, but the GRIDLINES won’t.

How gridlines and borders print

Figure 04: In the Print Preview you can see that borders WILL print but gridlines WON'T

How to hide gridlines for a clean finish

  1. Click the View tab.
  2. Tick the Gridlines box to show gridlines.
  3. Untick the Gridlines box to hide gridlines.
Where to switch gridlines on or off

Figure 05: Where to switch gridlines on or off

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip.

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Likewise, if something didn't make sense or you have a question, pop it into the comments below. I'll be waiting ...

Cheers. Here's to your learning and success. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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